If you’re in the market for some pieces for an outdoor setting, you have likely come across teak furniture a few times. Apart from their beauty, one thing that stands out for teak furnishings is the price tag. Yes, fittings made of this kind of wood are high on the price scale.

Yet people don’t mind the expense and are willing to shell off the money necessary to purchase the pieces they want. You’re probably wondering if it is worth it to break the bank and get one of them. Well, a few properties make teak furniture valued above others.

  • It Is Resistant To Weather And Pests.

All woods have natural oils that protect them from rot. Most of these substances are lost while the tree is felled and worked on, but this kind of wood retains them even after processing. These oils give it a natural resistance to weather and wood pests, like insects and fungi. This resistance helps it last longer outdoors, increasing its durability tremendously.

  • It Doesn’t Require Much Maintenance.

Other furniture would require treatment periodically, ranging from weatherproof oils to insect repellants. But not teak furniture.

These need little more than a wipe-down once in a while to clean off grime, and they’re good to go. That is why it was used as ship wood by the ancient Dutch. A sailor wouldn’t always be able to care for the ship while it is being pushed around by the waves.

  • Teak furniture Is Beautiful.

Teak furniture

The honey-brown color of teak furniture is lovely and has always been an important selling point. But when it is left at the mercy of the elements, it acquires a gray color that is also elegant. And it stays beautiful, all thanks to the natural oils locked into the grain of the wood.

The natural oils also protect it from rust, which could be quite an eyesore in other pieces that have metal fittings attached to them. These factors make teak furniture stay beautiful for a relatively longer period.

  • It Is Versatile.

This type of wood is relatively easy to work with, and as such, it can come in different shapes and sizes. You can make anything from tables and benches to shelves and lounges from the wood with less effort than other woods. Showpieces with this wood aren’t rare too.

  • It Is A Better Investment In The Long Run.

Teak furniture might be more expensive to purchase. But the expense seems like a better investment when you take the maintenance costs of other woods into account.

Other furniture would need to be treated with oils for weatherproofing. Insect repellants and regular polishing would also be in the budget. But those expenses are nonexistent for fittings of this wood. In this case, splurging for a teak piece is a better investment and would pay off in the long run.

The price of genuine teak furniture has turned away a lot of buyers, but if you can afford it, you should probably go for it. It will last longer, and you won’t regret it.