Cold and flu are the quintessential sicknesses that sweep across society every winter and it’s no wonder that people are desperate to avoid them. While modern medicine has prevented these sicknesses from being fatal, they are still a major inconvenience and result in many hours of lost productivity as workers around the country take sick leave.

While cold and flu might mean a nice break from work, it’s hardly a fun experience to be stuck with it. The endless amount of tissues, the redness and irritability are definitely not worth it for some time off.

Let’s take a look at the best ways to avoid cold and flu so you can stay on top of your game!

Wash your hands

This is the most common advice given to everyone in the community around flu season and it’s easy to see why. Germs and bacteria are spread from person to person via touch and sick people who don’t wash they hand end up spreading this gunk everywhere they go.

Doorknobs and other shared objects are common places where germs are spread and it only takes washing your hands routinely to avoid them. Simply making a habit of washing your hands after interacting with public objects significantly reduces the risk of you getting sick or passing it on to someone else.

Quick drying hand sanitisers are also popular for reducing the spread of germs. Vodka is a great alternative to hand sanitiser because of its high ethanol content.

Cut down on alcohol

Alcohol has plenty of health issues associated with it but one of them is the fact is reduces your body’s immune system. This is why so many people wake up ill as well as hungover after a big night of partying.

Drink tea

Breathing in the steam of and drinking hot tea helps to stimulate the nose’s hair follicles so that they filter out germs more effectively.

Eat more protein

Research has shown that people will low protein are more likely to have depleted immune systems, making them more susceptible to sickness.

Clean surfaces before using them

If you’re going to the gym during flu time, be vigilant around the other people who are excreting sweat and germs everywhere. Make sure you wipe down gym equipment with a towel or wet wipe before using it yourself.

Active exhalation

When you see someone sneeze or cough openly near you, actively exhale and walk away. This helps to keep you from inhaling the germs they just released into the air.