If you’re looking for Italian furniture in Sydney then you’ll know it can be pricey, so how do you find great pieces, without it costing the moon? Here’s a few tips to keep in mind.

Focus on Your Goals

To find out what’s available, check out a few different stores that sell Italian furniture in Sydney. Make the most of your time at the show to learn about the various manufacturers and the quality they provide. It is vital to think about what qualities are most significant in a piece and what they normally cost. To become a well-informed furniture shopper, ask questions. The next step is to narrow the field of potential candidates. Your favourite items may cost more than you expected. There are numerous ways to reduce the cost.

Have you found the ideal piece? Don’t make a decision yet. Instead, make a list of the manufacturer, item name, fabric colour, and the number of the model so that you may compare prices. Do price comparisons in local stores if they stock the same brand and furniture ranges, as sometimes you’ll find the same Italian furniture in Sydney for sale for less at other stores.

Scour the internet

Italian furniture Sydney

Make a search on the internet and you might find a good deal. Buying Italian furniture in Sydney online and not seeing it in person is sometimes a scary experience. To be sure, it’s best to do your research at local stores first.

You can save money by purchasing your furniture directly from suppliers, rather than paying retail prices. Whether you shop at stores or online, your furniture will need to arrive at your door. It’s possible to save money in the cost of shipping as some stores will allow you to pick-up.

Look for outlets or warehouses

A lot of major retailers that sell Italian furniture in Sydney will have outlets where the sell older stock, or warehouses that will occasionally sell direct to the public. Only a small portion of the majority of stores total inventory is on display. Request information about warehouse sales from a sales representative or ask about discount items. The sales consultants at the store might show you to the discount section or tell you when a sale is coming up. Make it known that you’re on the lookout for a bargain.

Shop at the right time of the month

In a furniture shop, employees are generally paid on commission or given sales objectives to meet. When it comes to deals, they’ll be more willing to assist if you get them at that time in the monthly sales cycle as they’ll be more motivated. Begin by requesting a lower price – if that doesn’t work, ask if they’ll cover delivery. Even if you have to pay for the new Italian furniture in Sydney, getting complimentary extras can be a great perk.

Holiday weekends are also a fantastic time to shop if you want to save money. In order to tempt you into shopping while you’re on vacation, stores put on sales.

If you can, put off your shopping until the start or middle of the year. There’s a lot of pressure to get rid of last year’s furniture as soon as possible, even if they must significantly lowering the pricing.

Buy used

Italian furniture in Sydney can be found at thrift stores, yard sales, consignment stores, estate sales, flea markets, and online, and there’s usually room for price negotiation. Using this approach may take a little more time, but the savings will more than compensate for that.