Sydney bathroom renovations may appear tricky, and it can be challenging to get a cost estimate. Don’t worry. Here is a comprehensive guide with all you need to know about the renovations of your bathroom, and hopefully, reading this article helps make the entire project more straightforward.


For different reasons, one may decide to improve on their space’s appearance and value by making some renovations. You may even experience the fear of the unknown because you have no idea how to go about the calculations. Hence, price is always an overwhelming factor when it comes to renovations.

The truth is that the cost of your next Sydney bathroom renovation does not have to be out of control. You do not have to spend a fortune on the space before you turn it into your dream structure with the right fittings. You can stay within the limits of your budget, and we’ll tell you how.


Every design has its cost and can be calculated. Hence, you should have a proper breakdown of every element to have an idea of the Sydney bathroom renovations cost. Also, there are important questions you have to answer that may determine the cost of your renovation project. These questions include;

  • How big is your space?
  • How much renovation work do you need to be done?
  • What is the quality of the finish you want?
  • What is the specification of the several materials you need?
  • Can you employ DIY? If yes, to what degree can you employ that?
  • What does the plumbing system you have on the ground look like?
  • What fittings need to be replaced?


Sydney bathroom renovations

Even if you are not able to provide answers to all of these questions, you can still estimate the cost of a Sydney bathroom renovation. According to experts, you may need as little as $300 to set up a new suite. However, that price may not be sufficient in some situations, as you may need to also consider the cost of tiling, lighting, heating, and furniture if one or more of the elements listed need to be replaced.

To reach completion, a standard redo could cost about $9,000. Well, this is a function of how much work you can do in there by yourself to reduce cost. More so, larger spaces often require more work put into renovation work, while people who want to use luxury equipment can budget up to $20,000 for the full installation of their dream space.


There are different things you would install in a standard bathroom. Here is a compiled list of the items and their predicted cost;

  • Bathroom fitting – $1,500
  • Tiling – $100/m2
  • Bath cost – $300
  • Shower with tray – $700
  • Shower enclosure – $400
  • Basin cost – $200
  • Toilet cost – $500
  • Tap – $50 per pair

The above is a list of predictable prices of basic items needed for Sydney bathroom renovation projects. There could be other costs for an extractor fan, towel warmer, flooring, plastering, underfloor heating, tile adhesive and grout, decoration, lighting, cabinets, floor reinforcement, and more if your choice is luxurious. Your Sydney bathroom renovations do not have to be tricky. You only need to be more calculative and hire the appropriate professionals.