Sleeping is an activity we all love but never seem to have enough time for. Whether it’s a day-job or some other commitment, we always groan about not getting enough time in bed and complain about our lack of energy.

Sleep is obviously an incredibly important part of our body’s routine and going without sleep for long periods has been associated with quite severe negative side effects. Without sleep people become more paranoid, aggressive and short tempered as their brain struggles to process the continuous stream of consciousness.

Getting a good sleep isn’t just about avoiding insanity or keeping dark circles at bay; it’s an important part of healthy living. Let’s take a look at the major benefits of proper sleep.

Learning and memory

Despite appearing otherwise, your mind is quite busy during sleep. Via a process called consolidation the memories experienced that day are strengthened along with any skills you learnt.

While learning a skill involves physical practise, there is another stage of practise that occurs mentally while you sleep. This is why you always before better on day 2 of training, because you’ve had time for consolidation to take effect.

This is especially true for school children who are introduced the large amount of new information every school day. Without proper sleep these children struggle to retain information that they are often graded on.

Prevent inflammation

Issues like heart disease, arthritis, stroke, premature aging and diabetes are all linked to inflammation proteins. Studies have shown that people who get more sleep have less inflammatory proteins in their blood.

Creative pursuits

If you’re an artist you’ve probably heard the phrase “sleep on it” and for good reason. As well as the aforementioned proves of consolidation, the brain uses sleep time to reorganise and restructure memory.

This explains why so many artists wake up with new inspiration or a new perspective on work they’ve already done. Sleep has allowed their minds to re-evaluate the art.

Higher concentration

There’s no doubt that an adequate sleep helps you to concentrate on daily tasks and keep you safe during activities like driving. A large proportion of road deaths have been found to have resulted from ‘driver fatigue’ which is often the result of sleeplessness at the wheel.

Improved mood

Feel well-rested and rejuvenated is one of the best ways to curb feelings of stress and even anxiety. A good sleep is crucial in your emotional stability for the day ahead and people will notice your irritability from a bad sleep.