Instant sick note

How to get an instant sick certificate

We’ve all been in the situation; you’ve woken one morning with a shocking headache, a fever and terrible cough. You’ve glanced over at your bedside clock and realised you’re expected at work in a little under an hour. There’s no chance you’re making it to work, but that’s the least of your worries. You need

Baulkham Hills physiotherapy

Finding a physiotherapist can be a very important task for some people. For those who are experiencing body pain or restricted movement, implementing Baulkham Hills physiotherapy can be a vital step in their recovery.  A strain may have occurred at work, at home or while playing sports, and a professional must be seen to get

How to find good NDIS registered providers

The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) was created in order to give eligible Australians enhanced control over how they select and manage their own supports and NDIS registered providers. Despite the intention of the scheme, some people are left confused on how to access their entitlements as the country transitions to this new system. When

Sydney dance lessons

Information on Sydney dance lessons

For many in NSW, the idea of beginning or once again taking up Sydney dance lessons can be quite intimidating. This can be because of several reasons. It can be scary to step into a room where the other classmates, as well as the teacher, are unknown. Sometimes there is a fear that the other

The best ways to avoid cold and flu

Cold and flu are the quintessential sicknesses that sweep across society every winter and it’s no wonder that people are desperate to avoid them. While modern medicine has prevented these sicknesses from being fatal, they are still a major inconvenience and result in many hours of lost productivity as workers around the country take sick

The best ways to cut down on sugar

Sugar is somewhat of a dietary phenomenon and the industry that cultivates, distributes and uses the substance has faced criticism for its role in public health issues like obesity. Scientific studies support the fact that high fructose corn syrup is both very unhealthy and highly addictive. You might remember as a child it being seen