Personalised – REALLY personalised – medicine?

by Charles Wright on July 26, 2012

Larry Smarr is just the teeniest obsessed with his health – he’s had his stool samples analysed nine times in a year; had his blood tested eight times – but he says we are on the verge of a complete revolution in healthcare, which will see the “one pill fits all” approach to prescription drugs, and indeed the entire medical care system abandoned.

Within 10 years, he says, a distributed planetary computer with a billion processors will be able to create a working computerised model of an individual’s body. Nanosensors in your body will upload a constant stream of data via your smartphone, collate it with similar data from millions of other bodies, to produce “detailed guidance about diet, supplements, exercise, medication, or treatment”.

The article in The Atlantic magazine raises some fascinating questions. Such as what happens to the drug industry then? What role will doctors play? And will the average person really want to be on quite such intimate terms with the functioning of their umm, hardware? Worth reading.

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