eHealth vs mHealth

by Charles Wright on August 31, 2010

According to Intel’s Dr Eric Dishman, the term “mHealth” has become “so slippery, so ubiquitous as to become almost useless” and has raised expectations to the point that he fears “no technology solution could ever achieve the enormous claims and utopian breakthroughs so many are promising”.

While the potential is there, he says, the solutions and services consumers are hearing about are not widely proven, affordable and available.

On the other hand, according to Deloitte’s Paul H. Keckley, personal health records embedded in mobile devices is “the killer app that may change the game for providers, consumers and payers”.

At the UK-based 3G Doctor blog, Dr David Doherty offers some intelligent perspectives on both the Deloitte and the Intel propositions (a touch lengthy) – and gives us the mobile patient summary application over there on the right.

The 3G Doctor experience with elderly patients gives me some food for thought for the presentation I’m making to (hopefully) a couple of hundred members of the Melbourne PC User Group tomorrow night.

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